Monitoring & analysis of your customer sessions.
Have no doubts!

See how the customers use your app Effectively simplify your actions, based on the actual insight.
100% of the captures in digital channels.

UX + DevOps + CS

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We deliver a complete set of user-behaviour data.

Our approach is pixel-perfect.

Omniscopy sessions consist of complete captures of all of the app user interactions.
Thanks to our data you will be able to analyze the sessions, draw conclusions and refine the UX.

We're collecting all of the recordings - you are the one who decides which one should be kept forever.
Enterprise grade. Several thousand recordings at once.
Automatic setup facilitated by Ansible. Save your time!

and Data Security.

Data confidentiality is one of our no. 1 priorities.

Store the sessions
at your data centres. Do not take the risk of losing your reputation.
Depending on your requirements, On-premise or Cloud setups are available, with the latter done at the provider that you select.

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  • We use white and black-lists. We do not gather and pick up data at random
  • We hide and mask the data as early as at the browser level
  • We do not generate data at the source which is possible thanks to the server-side DOM processing
  • We send sessions using the TLS v 1.2 protocol
  • Authorization is done via SSO and tokens that are variable over time

Remove the points of UI and process frustration.

Conduct an end-to-end analysis.

Omniscopy is a complete set of data about your potential customers. Capture and review the sessions, draw conclusions, enhance everything on the basis of facts.

  • Create a hypothesis, verify it, either on-line or thanks to backward processing of historical data sets.
  • Conduct analysis quicker, basing it on actual data. Have no doubts.
  • Define the event you are looking for and check if the problem did not occur in the past.

Latest technology.
Readable documentation.

Technical features

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We are introducing some changes. Reviewed version of documentation coming soon.

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Save up.
Pay only for the data
that you really need.

Use licenses and settlement scheme based on the "pay-as-you-use" principle.

You are the person deciding as to which sessions should be permanently saved.
Furthermore, quantitative data on business events are calculated from all of the recorded and processed information - not just these permanently saved.

  • List the events that you need to scrutinize your hypotheses.
  • If you are not making use of all of the sessions, make use of the “pay-as-you-use” scheme and define a rule that will make it possible to record only the required data.
  • You may save up to USD 2100 for large data volumes, when comparing our solution to Fullstory - up to 300 thousand sessions per month.
  • Furthermore, you will also gain access to a mechanism that detects past events.

3,500 sessions



Is it a problem?

4,000 sessions

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