Make your product as intuitive as it possibly can be, tailoring it to the actual user requirements.

Omniscopy is a solution that monitors actions undertaken by a website visitor or web app user. Smart recording system gathers data that makes it possible to verify the hypotheses pertaining to actions undertaken on the webpage or within the app. Thanks to the above you’ll be able to leverage the full potential of your products, enhancing its interface and UX.

In the Web 3.0 era the user comes first. Interaction with websites or apps need to be fluid. Any emerging issues need to be identified and rectified as soon as possible. Smart recorder with automatic user action tagging feature makes it possible to enhance the user experience. This would translate into general refinement of the services rendered. Removing the difficult bits from the interface and making the product user-friendly will attract new customers. And refinements may only be introduced on the basis of verification of hypotheses set earlier on.

Omniscopy User Experience - customer insights & monitoring

Recodings of activities undertaken by the specific user on the webpage or within the app interface makes it possible to experience the human-product process through the customer’s eyes. As more data is gathered, it remains possible to create behavioral patterns that would then become a subject to automatic tagging.

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Sessions Classification

Automatic tagging of the recordings with the longest duration and cases of low involvement on the part of the customer.

Detecting the Interactions

The sessions can be tagged with events on the basis of predefined patterns.

Detecting the Problems

Javascript errors that have a negative impact on functioning of the application can be easily detected.

Anomaly Analysis

Automatic session marking with regards to sessions departing from the established custkomer behaviour patterns.

DevOps teams need to receive a toolkit that would support their efforts. Anomalies need to be detected early and with a high degree of accuracy. This allows for rapid reaction, consequently shortening the time required to implement changes that refine the app operation.

Omniscopy DevOps – Boost your Development & QA

Omniscopy allows you to record test scenarios that may be then presented to the DevOps teams. The issues of concern may be tagged with comments. This would make the developers’ work more efficient - the team would focus on the relevant obstacles only. Omniscopy has been integrated with Slack or Jira teamwork solutions and this is a major advantage in enterprise domain.

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Test scenarios

Utilize recordings to illustrate the tests scenarios Search through the available recordings, looking for the test cases.

Test documentation

Automatically record sessions at the manual testing stage. Create documentation and records for cases of use and errors.

Slack + Jira integration.

Share the recordings and attach exported sessions to illustrate the problems.


Add in session comments and effectively share the information on emerging issues.

Complaint management and support is a difficult domain. It also bears a critical relevance for client interaction. Here, efficient management translates into diminished cost and better use of the resources available at hand. Complaints usually take longer to process than the customer may expect. This negatively influences the brand reputation.

Omniscopy Customer Support & Claim Management

Omniscopy CS records customer interactions over the WWW channels. The system makes it possible to examine any activities undertaken by the user in detail. Live or historic recordings may be shared via link or in an off-line format. Thanks to the above you’ll be able to manage the claims effectively. The exported recordings may be used as reference material by the web designer.

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Recordings Search

Searching for the recordings has never been so easy, thanks to an efficient tagging system and user IDs.

Sharing the Data

Sessions can be shared via an efficient link-sharing system

Recordings: Export

Easy export of the recordings in a format that receives online support

Anonymous Recordings

Mask the sensitive data

Detect any events.
Tag sessions

As the only vendor, we offer a product with "pay-as-you-use payment model".
You are the person deciding as to which sessions should be permanently saved.
These would be taken into account when the license agreement is arranged.

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Business events

Detect business events

Tag card payments or other business-relevant events in our system. Thanks to the above you may easily find the sessions of importance, within which those events have been tagged, among thousands of other occurrences. You’ll be able to analyze and verify the hypotheses quicker than ever.

Where click

See the clickpoints!

Omniscopy is the only solution that allows you to check whole classes of events and then to filter-out the sessions during which the interactions in question did not occur or are different than expected.
Beautiful and simple, isn’t it?

Adding to cart 4,500 sessions

Filter the sessions, so that you can see only those that matter to you.

Number of sessions for a single test - 100 to 2.500 per hour. We deliver 100% of recordings, but, at the same time, we make it easier to inspect the relevant ones. Advanced tagging system, session grouping, video sharing system.


We offer the most capable dictionary on the market

You will not be limited to analysis of clicks. We deliver a dictionary within which you may define any events. Thanks to the above, it will be simple to check whether the user pastes in the text, types it in and whether he/she sees the given information or not. We support the aforesaid mechanism in case of Single-page Applications. We allow for establishment of full context of the event for Angular.js.

Eliminate factors negatively affecting your revenue.

We don't sample recordings.
We provide a full session instead of snapshots.

That is why we are the source of truth
about user behavior in the application.

Thanks to us you will understand real usability
and simplify sales processes

of the system

Private Cloud

We set up our solution at your data centre. You can feel comfortable. The data is stored under your supervision.

They bear a proper signature and thus - they are safe.


We offer automatic session tagging, allowing the user to search for cases of relevance.

Integration with external systems

Slack, Jira and Beyond.

Elasticsearch integration in real time is free of charge. Same applies to other solutions.

Flexibility and Scalability

100% of Sessions. We can capture thousands of sessions, keeping the investment cost at a very low level at the same time.

Lack of a necessity to spend a lot on hardware and licensing.

Best data quality

We analyze and gather the session data. We store the content in a form that remains unchanged.

Forever. Without any extra fees involved.

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