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Does Omniscopy record the website holistically?

The answer to that question is, in almost all cases, "yes". It happens, as your modifications of the website dynamics remain irrelevant to us. Omniscopy is capable of recording and saving the results of the changes made.

User Guide : Recording explained --------- What a recording is? Undoubtedly, you do know what HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is. HTML tags are responsible for generating the DOM structure that, along with the stylesheet (CSS), remains responsible for graphic representation of the website in the browser used by the user. Dynamic websites utilizing the Java Script language are making changes to the DOM structure when reacting to the user interactions. Our technology allows you to monitor those changes in an ongoing manner. Thanks to the above, once the changes are recorded, we are able to recreate the results that occur after the modifications are made. Furthermore, we precisely visualize the website status at the exact moment when the user-interaction begins.

User Guide : What's recorded? ----------- Briefly speaking, we record each and every event embedded within the DOM structure, including CSS animations, embedded iframes, as well as the moments when the cursor hovers over the given element or when the website is scrolled, or when it is zoomed in or out. Interactions with iframe elements or audio, video or HTML5 content are recorded as well. We also record our decorations of masked data entry actions and other elements. You will learn more, over the course of getting acquainted with the product demo.

User Guide : How to start Web recording? - You need to embed the tracker.js script on the analyzed site.

What you should know about the set up process?

User Guide : Set up explained ------------ Depending on the licensing model, we can provide the Omniscopy system to you on the basis of SaaS or On-premise models. In the former case, it is required to embed the tracker script within your website. On the other hand, in case of the On-premise model, Omniscopy server suite is additionally installed. The set up package comes in a form of a ~900 MB file of binaries, along with a sample set up script. For the purpose of set up, we use the Ansible client that makes it possible to automate the whole process.

So, what is the "server-side DOM events processing" functionality?

User Guide : Events processing explained - When recording the website changes, we utilize the capabilities offered by server-side DOM processing. As a result of the above, our server works as a micro and ultra-fast browser. This makes it possible for us to process the DOM events on our side, and to analyze them within the scope of the emergence of business events. Thus we do not impose any workload on the browser utilized by the end user. Furthermore, the set of event configuration options we offer is very broad and expansive. In essence, we do not limit our customers to analysis of pre-defined actions. You can detect any operation with the use of our system. We deliver a rules engine to our customers, instead of a limited list of options, contrary to the competing products.

Business events - what are these?

User Guide : Business events explained --- The event processor of ours utilizes a complex set of rules for the purpose of the analysis. Emergence of this rule automatically creates a tag that is available to you to look for via the recordings search engine. The main advantage of our approach comes in a form of the fact that we use the jquery superset to examine the DOM structure for changes. Thanks to the above, apart from detecting virtually any type of interactions, we also can tag sessions in cases when the end user noticed the given site element, without initiating any interaction whatsoever.

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